Permission for commercial work

Matt Adamiak Photography is a fully insured Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle operator that follows strict Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) guidelines.

This means that I meet the safety requirements and operational standards for legally undertaking aerial work.

From the 31st December 2020, there is no longer a requirement to hold a permission or license to fly a drone for commercial use, however, you may still need a certificate or an authorisation from the CAA to fly your drone in congested areas.

If you only fly drones that are 250g or less in weight then the only requirement is to follow the drone code, and, if your drone has a camera on it, you will need to get an Operator ID from the CAA.

You must still follow the drone code, however, you are not required to do the free online test to get the Flyer ID.


You can fly these drones in congested areas (areas used for residential, commercial, industrial and recreational purposes) provided you have permission to fly your drone from the land and you respect people’s privacy. See the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for more regarding privacy and drones.

Please get in contact if you have any aerial requirements.

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